Content Creation Services

Get all your content needs from blog posts and infographics, to video and ebooks.

Content brings great value to your business efforts:

  • Search engine placement (traffic)
  • Building the brand & expertise (trust)
  • Creating sales (conversions)
  • Engaging the community (social)

Yet, very few businesses choose to fill out their website beyond having it appear like a brochure.

People don’t want the basics… they want more!

The content gives you the ability to reach interested parties when they’re doing an online search or engaging with others on social media. It keeps them locked into the site. You can use this content to funnel people toward sales pages. The result? Profits!

The biggest barrier is getting words to the screen.

In that mind of yours are plenty of ideas but you’re wondering why go through the effort of typing a blog post, shooting video, or recording a podcast no one finds it.

Let me help.

My experience with content creation has driven hundreds of thousands of visitors to clients and personal projects. How? Through the right combination of A) giving visitors what they want and B) optimizing it so it’s both high-ranking in search and shareable on social platforms.

When working with me you can expect the following with content marketing:

  1. We’ll sit down and discuss the overall strategy (the purpose)
  2. I’ll work alongside you and your team to develop a schedule (consistency)
  3. Content is created, optimized, and then promoted through social (traffic)

From there it’s up to you.

We could work together to improve engagement and conversions to increase shares and sales. Or, work on something big such as a catchy downloadable to build your email list! Video is a great option, too!

I’ve had years of experience developing content for the Web with plenty of satisfied clients.

Get in touch and talk with me to learn how content marketing leads to higher traffic, sales, and community satisfaction. Hint: Your competition is doing it… let’s do them one better!

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