About me, Murray Lunn

In case you wanted to know how I got into all this writing stuff.

Surfing the online waves of social media paranoia

I’ve been writing for the Web just shy of a decade but my experience with the Web and computers date back to my childhood. It’s been a wild journey throughout the years working with amazing startups, established businesses, and exploring personal projects.

Plus, seeing how it’s all evolved.

It all started with my first experience with a computer (an IBM PC). School had computer labs (Apple II) but were quite limited and I found myself either getting into trouble for accessing parts of the network I shouldn’t or helping teachers learn and understand the systems.

Eventually, I got my own personal computer. It was a Gateway (complete in the cow box design) with all the bells & whistles. Not long after I was online through Prodigy and AOL.

Those early days were mostly spent:

  • Finding music
  • Cheat codes for games
  • Reading forums
  • Online chat

It was amazing.

Fast forward to today, with a few computers and devices in between, and my love for the Web is still going strong. I found myself exploring website development which later lead me into marketing, eCommerce, and content creation.

Throughout this time, I’ve:

  • Wrote thousands of blog posts and articles
  • Developed dozens of websites (personal and for clients)
  • Consulted with up-and-coming startups & businesses

I love where it’s taken me and I’m not stopping.

My goals and plans continue to evolve. I’m headlong into freelance writing, web dev, and marketing. I’m also taking time to learn (advanced) coding, improve upon video production, dabble in podcasting, a bit of print design, customer service, and hardware/software modding.

Outside of computers, I’m a relaxed, inquisitive guy.

I love to travel having been to awesome destinations like Japan, Thailand, Germany, and Canada. I have a wonderful girlfriend, adorable cat, and loving family. I find myself pouring hours into crafts, reading, gaming, movies, cooking, and politics. I’d love to own & operate a hostel and/or movie theater one day.

I’m easy-going and fun to work with.

I hope you dig around and find some neat content on my personal site. Else, get in touch if you’re working on a business and feel I can bring something of value to the table. I’m sure my skills can help realize the business idea else take it to the next level.